»The encoder systems are surprisingly easy to install and set up in light of their performance.«

3DHISTECH (Hungary)


We make encoders for medical applications.

To obtain the precise positioning for medical applications RLS encoders are an excellent solution. Encoders are used in a wide variety of medical applications; from robots for sample processing in laboratories, position adjustment of patient tables, to controlling the rotational speed and position of the gantry of CT scanners and operational robots in surgery.

Why RLS magnetic encoders?


  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Size, compact design


  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Wide range of resolutions
  • Industry standard output options
  • True absolute encoders
  • Non-contact 360° rotation or linear position detection
  • Large installation tolerances
  • Easy installation
  • High reliability

How do surgical robots work?

The latest generation surgeries are being performed today using surgical systems, which allow surgeons to perform the most minimally invasive procedures. The system incorporates the height of motion control technologies so that every motion provides the smooth, accurate movements reminiscent of a skilled surgeon – even at slow, calculated speeds.

The surgical system itself requires only the use of two 8- and one 12-mm wide hole in a patient, for insertion of the two surgical manipulators and a camera. Only the robot and surgical assistants stand over the patient, while the surgeon, the system operator, can be across the room at the Surgeon’s console where even the look and feel of the open surgery is duplicated with precision. The whole system consists of three distinct components, which includes the surgeon console, patient-side cart that holds the instruments, and the image processing equipment.