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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ How to connect AksIM MBA encoder? Which connector is used?
+ What do accuracy, resolution and repeatability mean? Why is the accuracy of the encoder worse than resolution?
+ Is CE certificate available for AksIM encoders?
+ How to mount AksIM encoder next to the electric motor? How to shield from external magnetic field?
+ How reliable are magnetic encoders?
+ What is the MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) for RM/RE encoders?
+ What is the maximum speed of RM/RE encoders?
+ Can any magnet be used?
+ Which magnets and magnetic actuators are available?
+ What is the difference between standard and high EMC grade?
+ What is the position (time) delay of the encoder signals?
+ How to set encoder zero position?
+ How is the cable length measured?
+ What is the RM08 max wires length?
+ How can RLS encoders be adapted for use in deep sea applications?
+ What limits the resolution of OnAxis™ magnetic encoders?
+ What can be customised?
+ Incremental outputs
+ What is the difference between cpr and ppr?
+ Binary synchronous serial output (SSI)
+ Linear voltage output
+ Sine/Cosine
+ What is the structure and thickness of magnetic scales?
+ How to install magnetic scale?
+ How to cut MS tape correctly?
+ How do I know which scale length to choose and what is the minimum distance from edges of scale for positioning the reference mark?
+ When is better to use stick-on reference than machined reference mark?
+ What does minimum edge separation mean and which do I have to choose?
+ What are the specifications of scale adhesive tape?
+ What chemicals will damage the magnetic scale?
+ How do the cover foil and stick-on reference mark affect the ride height?
+ What happens if the stick-on reference mark is applied incorrectly?
+ Why use the cover foil?
+ How to order the cover foil?
+ Can LM encoder systems be used in linear motors?
+ What is the structure of magnetic ring?
+ How to install the magnetic ring?
+ Is it possible to order only the magnetic ring/scale without the readhead?
+ Accuracy
+ Various technical questions
+ What is the MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) for linear and ring encoders?
+ RLS obtained IATF 16949 Letter of Approval – what does it mean?
+ RLS Quality Policy and Objectives
+ Our products comply with EU legislation (EU declarations of conformity)
+ Are RLS products RoHS compliant?
+ Is RLS ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified? / RLS Quality Management System
+ RLS products are compliant with REACH directive
+ Is RLS using minerals from conflict areas?
+ General sales terms and conditions
+ How long is the guarantee for RLS products?
+ Data protection statement
+ RLS product packaging is compliant with EU legislation