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FAQ OnAxis magnetic technology

+ How reliable are magnetic encoders?
+ What is the MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) for RM/RE encoders?
+ What is the maximum speed of RM/RE encoders?
+ Can any magnet be used?
+ Which magnets and magnetic actuators are available?
+ What is the difference between standard and high EMC grade?
+ What is the position (time) delay of the encoder signals?
+ How is the cable length measured?
+ How can RLS encoders be adapted for use in deep sea applications?
+ What limits the resolution of OnAxis™ magnetic encoders?
+ Incremental outputs
+ Binary synchronous serial output (SSI)
+ Linear voltage output
+ Sine/Cosine
+ What is the difference between cpr and ppr?
+ How to set encoder zero position?
+ What can be customised?
+ What is the RM08 max wires length?