AksIM-2™ off-axis rotary absolute encoder


AksIM-2™ off-axis rotary absolute encoder

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AksIM-2 is a non-contact high performance off-axis absolute rotary encoder designed for integration into space-constrained applications. A hollow ring, true absolute functionality and high speed operation make this encoder suitable for many applications.

The AksIM-2 encoder system consists of an axially magnetised ring and a readhead.

The encoders come with SSI, BiSS and asynchronous serial communication interfaces and offer a range of binary resolutions to 20 bits per revolution.

The encoder operates from -30  °C to +85 °C or -40 °C to +105 °C with extended temperature range option and is resistant to shock and vibrations.

The AksIM-2 encoder has a built-in advanced self-monitoring function, continually checking several internal parameters. Error reporting, warnings and other status signals are available on all communication interfaces and are visualised with the on-board LED.

The AksIM-2 encoder system is suitable for use in industrial and medical applications.
A typical application is a robotic arm joint with a cable feed running through the ring or a precision gearbox where the ring is attached onto the main transmission shaft.
Custom design service for OEM integration is also available.

All output types
Reading type Axial reading
Resolution From 17 to 20 bit and 16 bit multiturn counter option
Maximum speed 10,000 rpm (for higher speed please send contact for quote)
Encoder accuracy ±0.05° (before installation - errors caused by mounting inaccuracy of the readhead, ring and drive shaft are not included)
Final system accuracy Typ. ±0.1°
Hysteresis Less than unit of resolution
Repeatability Better than unit of resolution
Encoder speed 9 kHz bandwidth, 18 kHz sampling rate, up to 44 kHz refresh rate
All output types 
Supply voltage 4.5 V to 5.5 V (at the connector)
Set-up time 36 ms (first data ready after switch-on), 59 ms with multiturn counter
Current consumption Typ. 120 mA, max. 150 mA
Connection 11-pin locking connector, 8-pin low-profile connector or soldering pads
Output load
RS422 120 mA short term, 60 mA limited
ESD protection HBM, Class 2, max. ±2 kV (as per Mil-Std 883 Method 3015.7)
All output types 
Available ring sizes (outer diameter) 29 mm, 39 mm, 49 mm, 53 mm, 64 mm, 80 mm
Material type (ring) EN 1.4005 / AISI416 or EN 1.4104 / AISI430F
with glued rubber filled with ferrite particles
Mass Readhead:MB029: 4.5 g; MB039: 4.8 g; MB049: 4.53 g; MB053: 5.3 g; MB064: 6.9 g; MB080: 3.97 g
Rings: MRA029: 5.9 g; MRA039: 9.2 g; MRA049: 15 g; MRA053: 15.5 g; MRA064: 20.1 g;
MRA080: 26 g
Inertia Rings: MRA029: 0.75 kg×mm2; MRA039: 2.3 kg×mm2; MRA049: 5.5 kg×mm2; MRA053: 7.4 kg×mm2;
MRA064: 14.8 kg×mm2; MRA080: 31.8 kg×mm2
All output types
Operating and storage temperature –30 °C to +85 °C (standard)
–40 °C to +105 °C (extended temperature range option)
Humidity 0 to 70 % non-condensing
External magnetic field ±25 mT


  • True absolute system
  • Custom magnetic sensor ASIC
  • Self-calibration option
  • No hysteresis
  • Resolutions up to 20 bits
  • Multiturn counter option
  • High speed operation
  • 9 kHz bandwidth, 
  • 44 kHz refresh rate
  • Low profile, non-contact
  • Built-in self-monitoring
  • Integrated status LED
  • SSI, BiSS or asynchronous serial communication interface
  • Corrosion resistant magnetic ring
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