Gimbals are pivoted supports which are usually attached to cars and other vehicles such as drones, where vibrations or other unexpected movement would make tripods or other camera mounts unacceptable. They are used to mount small camera lenses or large telescopes.

Outstanding performance

In order to keep the camera level on all axes as the cameraman moves the camera, gimbals are usually powered by brushless motors. An inertial measurement unit reacts to movement and uses its motors to stabilize the camera and using algorithms, the stabilizer is able to detect the difference between intentional movement such as panning and tracking shots caused by unwanted camera shake. This allows the camera to appear to float through the air.

Why RLS magnetic encoders?


  • Reliability
  • Repeatability
  • Low weight and compact size
  • Low energy consumption


  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Wide range of resolutions
  • Industry standard absolute or incremental output options
  • High dynamic response
  • High accuracy
  • Large installation tolerances
  • High reliability
  • Non-contact 360° rotation or linear position detection
  • Low power consumption