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We classify linear and rotary encoders according to the type of movement.



Encoder resolution, accuracy and repeatability: What's the difference?




Encoder glossary


How to select an encoder


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Encoder Technology - SATI for use with OnAxis products

SATI stands for Stand Alone Trimming Interface. This is a stand-alone device with calibration and zeroing functions which eliminate the need for a reference encoder and works with dedicated AM4096-based encoders. SATI interface improves the encoder accuracy to +/-0.2°.

Encoder Technology - HiLin

HiLin is the best performance linear incremental magnetic encoder for use in harsh environments. The encoder system consists of a readhead and a scale. The readhead is available in incremental output format. There are three different scale options available and each of them has its advantages compared to the other.

How to choose between Nonius and AksIM technology

For Nonius technology, the magnetic code carrier consists of two magnetic encoder tracks. The outer track consists of an even number of alternately magnetized poles and is used for high-precision position determination. It is therefore referred to as the master track. The second inner track has one fewer pair of poles than the outer track and is therefore referred to as the Nonius track. This track is used to calculate an absolute position within one revolution of the pole disk. This is done by calculating the angular difference between the two tracks. Encoders with this technology must be calibrated before use. An alternative option to Nonius technology that does not require calibration is AksIM technology.

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各 RLS エンコーダに最適なソフトウェアとインターフェースの選び方

RLS has developed a few software for use with RLS encoders.

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