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We support students in their educational STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) projects.

The Road to Victory: RLS Encoders in Revolve Racing Cars

The Road to Victory: RLS Encoders in Revolve Racing Cars

Revolve NTNU is a student organisation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim campus. Since 2010, they have evolved from racing cars with internal combustion engines to four-wheel drive electric racing cars that can be driven manually or autonomously.

Magnetic encoders support the stabilisation control of a self-balancing two-wheeled robotic vehicle

磁気式エンコーダが自立式 2 輪ロボットの安定化をサポート

University of Nottingham Racing Team thanks RLS for its recent success

University of Nottingham のレーシングチームの成功を支えた RLS

RLS supply us with a range of angular position sensors which we use in our pedal and steering assemblies, and they have a wide selection of options available for various sizes, applications, and high-speed operations.

ROBI - A Prototype Mobile Manipulator for Agricultural Applications


ROBI’ is a prototype mobile manipulator for agricultural applications with requirements of low-cost, low-weight, simplicity, flexibility and modularity.

Rays Weather Station

Rays 測候所

The wind vane is responsible for determining which direction the wind is coming from. Inside the wind vane rotating cap there is a radially oriented magnet attached to the center bolt which rotates with the wind vane. Its position is sensed by the RLS RMK2 hall effect angle sensor.  The se...

Using magnetic encoder to improve the accuracy of a SCARA

磁気式エンコーダで SCARA の精度向上

It is quite common in Austria, that students of a final class of a school for higher technical education, must prove their knowledge by working on a final project. Thus, two students of the LiTec in Linz, Austria have decided to design a robotic arm. Due to the cooperation with RLS and their generou...

Clever Kameleon

Clever Kameleon

Clever Kameleon is a project carried out at the Opole University of Technology by the Kameleon Team. Since 2015 the goal is to build and develop a multi-purpose Martian rover. The main targets of the project are the development of its members, students of the Opole University of Technology and parti...

RLS encoder helps to build Formula Student formula car

RLS エンコーダ、学生フォーミュラチームのフォームラカーに一役買う

Team Tallinn is the first and only Estonian Formula Student team, founded in 2006, which consists of students from Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences.

Success stories with RLS encoders

RLS は、グローバル市場の需要に応えるべく、ロータリモーションセンサーおよびリニアモーションセンサーの設計、製造と販売を行っています。