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RLS は、グローバル市場の需要に応えるべく、ロータリモーションセンサーおよびリニアモーションセンサーの設計、製造と販売を行っています。

RLS Sensors – a Crucial Part of a VR Simulator and Aerobatic Aircraft Hybrid

RLS Sensors – a Crucial Part of a VR Simulator and Aerobatic Aircraft Hybrid

With the help of RLS, AFormX has managed to expand its portfolio of simulators and produce an even more innovative version, a hybrid simulator in an aerobatic aircraft. The Ultimate 20-300S biplane simulator allows the student pilot to use the same commands and levers to control the aircraft in simu...

PAL Robotics integrates magnetic encoder technology into robots to achieve balance

PAL Robotics 社が磁気式エンコーダを ロボットに搭載してバランス制御の課題を克服

RLS magnetic encoders provide PAL Robotics with a flexible position measurement solution and are capable of meeting stringent space and performance requirements. The selected encoders have an impressive range of capabilities enabling significant design freedom.

Renishaw and RLS help to drive a robot revolution

ロボットの進化に貢献する RLS とレニショー

The partnership with Renishaw and RLS has allowed  TQ-RoboDrive to expand its product offering to include servomotors with the highest torque densities available  for the robotics market. Customers benefit from improved communication between TQ-RoboDrive and its suppliers  as this res...

Project MARCH races to build advanced exoskeleton for people with a spinal cord injury

脊髄損傷を抱えた人たちのための高機能外骨格デバイス作製を加速する、プロジェクト MARCH

Worldwide, between 250,000 and 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury every year. A spinal cord injury (SCI) typically causes paralysis in either the lower extremities (paraplegia) or throughout the body (quadriplegia). People with a spinal cord injury often use a wheelchair as an assistive devi...

Magnetic encoders contribute to reliable wafer transfer robots


A wafer ultimately becomes multiple IC-units in a series of complicated processes, where wafers rely on a wafer transfer robot to perform fast and accurate transfers between process stations. Wafers are valuable and break easily, meaning that stability and reliability are critical for the robot's ef...

Virtual Reality – The beauty of vision technology with the accuracy and repeatability of RLS and Renishaw encoders.

バーチャルリアリティ ??? RLS とレニショーエンコーダの精度と繰り返し再現性が実現したビジョンテクノロジーの美点

Power Plus offers high precision camera positioning for virtual reality technology in the broadcasting industry, with the help of RLS’ magnetic and Renishaw’s optical encoders to support accuracy and repeatability.

Magnetic encoders beat size and speed challenges


This case study focuses on a micromouse – a small autonomous robot which runs through a designated maze. There are several annual international contests for students and robot enthusiasts challenging them to improve the intelligence and speed of their robots. Robot mice are advanced, custom bu...

RLS magnetic encoders enable Marsi Bionics to build life-changing exoskeletons

Marsi Bionics 製の「人生を変えるような」外骨格ロボット。RLS の磁気式エンコーダで実現

RLS (レニショーの関連企業) の磁気式エンコーダは、Marsi Bionics 社の新製品、子供用の外骨格ロボット ATLAS 2030 と大人向けの単関節外骨格ロボット MB-Active Knee (MAK) に採用されています。

RLS encoders go under the 3DHISTECH microscope

3DHISTECH 社製マイクロスコープに採用された RLS 製エンコーダ

Located in Budapest, Hungary, 3DHISTECH designs and manufactures one of the world’s fastest and highest-capacity autonomous panoramic digital slide scanner – the P1000.

当社は学生 STEM プロジェクトを支援します

当社エンコーダの使用場面は多岐にわたります。また取付けが簡単なことから、学生にも広く使われています。当社は STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) プロジェクト (次世代のエンジニアの発掘が目的) の学生を支援しています。