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Encoder Technology - LinACE™

LinACE™ ist ein extrem robustes, zylindrisches Absolut-Wegmesssystem, das zur direkten Integration in den Servomechanismus als Messaufnehmer entwickelt wurde und genaue Messungen mit hervorragender Auflösung und Wiederholpräzision liefert.

Encoder Technology - SATI for use with OnAxis products

SATI stands for Stand Alone Trimming Interface. This is a stand-alone device with calibration and zeroing functions which eliminate the need for a reference encoder and works with dedicated AM4096-based encoders. SATI interface improves the encoder accuracy to +/-0.2°.

Encoder Technology - HiLin

HiLin is the best performance linear incremental magnetic encoder for use in harsh environments. The encoder system consists of a readhead and a scale. The readhead is available in incremental output format. There are three different scale options available and each of them has its advantages compared to the other.