Encoder Technology - LinACE™

LinACE™ is an extremely robust absolute linear cylindrical encoder system designed for integration into the servomechanism as a transducer, providing accurate measurements with excellent resolution and repeatability.

Encoder Technology - SATI for use with OnAxis products

SATI stands for Stand Alone Trimming Interface. This is a stand-alone device with calibration and zeroing functions which eliminate the need for a reference encoder and works with dedicated AM4096-based encoders. SATI interface improves the encoder accuracy to +/-0.2°.

Encoder Technology - HiLin

HiLin is the best performance linear incremental magnetic encoder for use in harsh environments. The encoder system consists of a readhead and a scale. The readhead is available in incremental output format. There are three different scale options available and each of them has its advantages compared to the other.

What is TRS track system?

Designed for applications which demand that the scale be removed easily, the track system consists of aluminium guide rails available in 1 m and 2 m sections, a scale clamp and joining element. It securely retains the magnetic scale whilst allowing it to expand and contract freely.

LinACE™ with digital outputs vs. LVDT sensor

LinACE™ has a similar design to LVDT transducers. However, it is not an LVDT type transducer.

LinACE™ vs. magnetostrictive encoders with SSI output

LinACE™ has a similar design to magnetostrictive transducers. However, it is not an magnetostrictive type transducer.