Encoder Technology - LinACE™

October 15, 2020


LinACE™ is an absolute magnetic shaft encoder with integrated linear sliding bearings. LinACE provides digital absolute outputs SSI, BiSS C, Asynchronous serial and PWM.


Product Overview - LinACE™

How it works?

The LinACE™ technology is based on absolute code written into an information carrier in the form of regions with different magnetic permeability; which is then read by an array of Hall sensors integrated in a single silicon die.

Grooves applied in the carbon solid steel shaft with high relative permeability represent pseudo-random binary sequence (PRBS absolute code). Grooves may be filled with hard chrome, copper or any other material with low permeability by galvanic or thermal spraying process.

Using a bias magnet, differences in magnetic permeability modulate magnetic field density, which is detected and converted to electrical signals by a Hall sensors array integrated in a single-silicon-die ASIC. Generated electrical signals are processed using algorithms including Fourier transform to calculate position based on millimeter-scale bit length down to sub-micrometer resolutions.

Arrangement of permanent magnet, Hall sensor array and carbon steel shaft with groove sequence(above) and modulation of the magnetic field near the carbon steel shaft (below).

The shaft is used as a load-bearing functional part of the motion system and as an information carrier read by the module with integrated bearings.

Why LinACE™?

LinACE™ is an extremely robust absolute linear cylindrical encoder system designed for integration into the servomechanism as a transducer, providing accurate measurements with excellent resolution and repeatability. It can be used as a control device or integrated directly into hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical actuators and linear motors as a position or velocity feedback element.

Main Characteristics:

  • Compact design
  • Digital output
  • High level of diagnostics and reliability
  • Superior accuracy for measuring lengths above 20 mm
  • Very good resistance to stray magnetic fields
  • No pre- or post-travel
  • True absolute system
  • Low sensitivity to harsh environments
  • Non-magnetised hard chrome-plated, coded shaft, insensitive to stray magnetic fields

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