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We make custom encoders

RLS has a long history of successfully working with customers to design and develop new and innovative encoders and position sensors for a wide range of industries.

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Custom encoders for electric motors


Our engineers have designed many custom encoders for our OEMs. We produce many 100,000s of standard and custom motor encoders every year.

Applications include:

  • Stepper motor control
  • UVW, commutating encoders
  • DDR and BLDC motor
  • Custom encoder for electric motorcycle, automobile applications.
Custom encoders for machine tools


Our engineers have worked with many machine tool OEMs around the world to use standard or design and manufacture custom encoders for their applications. We understand the accuracy requirements and environmental considerations required by machine tools.

Applications include:

  • High speed spindles
  • Incremental and absolute position feedback for high productivity transfer machine tool
  • Longer (100M +) distance coded linear encoder systems available
  • Harsh environment Water Jet and laser cut machines.
Custom encoders for robotic applications


We have designed and produced many encoder solutions for various Robotic applications. Our engineers understand the safety and environmental conditions that our encoders will be subjected to. We provide reliable, cost-effective encoder solutions for your robotic application.

Applications include:

  • UAVs
  • Industrial robots
  • Collaborative robots or cobots
  • Pick-and-place robots
  • Surgical robots.
Custom encoders for agricultural applications


Our engineers have designed and developed many custom encoder solutions for Agricultural applications. We understand the harsh environmental conditions that our encoders will be subjected to and are very familiar with testing to ISO15003.

Applications include:

  • Center Pivot systems
  • Seeder control
  • Drilling control
  • Automated steering for tractors.

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