The wide variety of automated machines used in the printing industry means that there are many possible applications for linear or rotary encoders.


Given the intensity of work processes in the printing industry, downtime of printers for maintenance work can lead to financial losses.

Printing and binding techniques such as offset, sheet-fed offset, direct-to-plate, inkjet, binding and finishing require high feed rates, precise alignment and coordination of multiple axes. RLS magnetic encoders provide reliable feedback to motion control for all these operations.

RLS encoders with DPI resolution and magnetic scales with protective foil have been specially developed for the printing industry. The working environment in the printing industry is relatively clean, but the encoders can be exposed to dust, ink and other contaminants. Thanks to non-contact magnetic technology, RLS encoders and scales ensure reliable operation in the printing industry, and are easy to clean and maintain. The scales are available in coils of up to 100 m, which can be cut to the required length for each axis.

Why RLS magnetic encoders?


  • Cost-efficient performance
  • High speed operation
  • High dynamic response
  • Resolutions to 25,600 dpi
  • Easy installation and set-up features
  • Up to 100 m scale lengths
  • Robust design to withstand operation in dust or dirt
  • Protective cover foil for the scale


  • Paper printers
  • Textile printers
  • Ceramics printers
  • Laser engravers
  • 3D printers
  • Label printers
  • Digital decor printers
  • Wallpaper printers