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AksIM-2 Redundant Encoder

AksIM-2 Redundant Encoder

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  • AksIM-2 Redundant Encoder

The AksIM-2 redundant encoder is an advanced series of non-contact, high performance off-axis absolute encoders suitable for applications requiring a higher level of safety. The AksIM-2 redundant encoder system consists of two identical, completely independent and electrically isolated encoder modules combined on one PCB and a separate axially magnetized ring.


With its compact and innovative design, the AksIM-2 redundant encoder system allows easier installation and is available in two dimensions. Two encoder modules on one PCB give much more freedom in designing advanced motion control systems to monitor the encoder position via two independent channels.


The redundant AksIM-2 encoder is available with the advanced BiSS communication protocol with differential signalling (RS422). High performance is ensured with resolutions up to 20 bits and an accuracy better than ±0.05° when the encoder is installed within the required tolerance. Even better accuracy can be achieved using the self-calibration function of the encoder. The encoder operates from -40 °C to +85 °C.


As with our proven series of standard AksIM-2 encoders, the redundant AksIM-2 encoder has a built-in advanced self-monitoring function that continuously checks several internal parameters. Error, warning and other status reports are available over BiSS register access and are indicated by LEDs.


The redundant AksIM-2 encoders are compatible with the standard MRA039 and MRA053 AksIM-2 absolute magnetic rings, providing a reliable solution for a wide range of applications.


Please note that these encoders do not meet the SIL or Functional Safety requirements. To achieve the required safety rating of your application, please use your own safety controller.


For more information, please check AksIM-2™ off-axis rotary absolute encoder.

Resolution Up to 19 bit
Accuracy ±0.05°


Resolution Up to 20 bit
Accuracy ±0.05°
All output types 
Supply voltage 5 V ± 10 %
Current consumption 2 × 135 mA (typ.)
Isolation 250 VAC
Output types 2× BiSS-C, RS422, bidirectional
Connector Molex 503480-2000 (Right-Angle, with Flip Lock)
FFC, 20-pin, 0.5 mm pitch, contacts on top and bottom side
All output types
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C


  • Proven AksIM-2 true absolute encoder technology
  • Redundant version for higher safety applications
  • Simple installation and easy connection
  • Resolutions up to 20 bits
  • BiSS communication interface
  • Excellent price-performance

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