Electronic consumer products such as mobile phones, tablet computers and wearable devices have assumed an indispensable role in our modern daily lives. The state-of-the-art miniaturisation technology in IC (integrated circuit) manufacturing has enabled us to enjoy intelligent and powerful functions of electronic devices without compromising their size.

"There are a lot of manufacturers supplying competitive encoder products in the market. We chose RLS because we trust their product quality." - Robot and Design (South Korea)

Most manufacturers are now using robots instead of humans for wafer transfer, one of the important operations in semiconductor manufacturing. When researching the market for encoders as one of the robot's core components, repeatability is always a primary concern. RLS magnetic encoders offer repeatability up to the unit of resolution and the performance can be very stable over the years.

Why RLS magnetic encoders?


  • Cost-efficient performance
  • Non-contact 360° rotary or linear position sensing
  • High reliability
  • High repeatability
  • Wide range of sizes and technologies available
  • Industry standard absolute or incremental output options
  • High dynamic response


  • Pick and place
  • SMT printing and placement
  • Wafer handling
  • Wafer testing
  • Laser depanelling for PCBA / EMS

RND uses a RLS magnetic encoder system to optimize the performance of its wafer transfer robots.

A wafer ultimately becomes multiple IC-units in a series of complicated processes, where wafers rely on a wafer transfer robot to perform fast and accurate transfers between process stations. Wafers are valuable and break easily, meaning that stability and reliability are critical for the robot's effectiveness.