The world-renowned manufacturer of magnetic encoders for motion control in robots and autonomous mobile vehicles, RLS today announced the opening of its new subsidiary - RLS Nordic - in Denmark. This expansion marks the company's focus on supporting customers in the region, which is a leader in robotics development and adoption in Europe.

The RLS Nordic office is RLS' primary sales and technical support point to support the growing demand for advanced motion control components in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands. "RLS decided to open a new office because we recognised the opportunities that arise from the technological development in the Nordic region. RLS' Nordic office will provide professional services to support local businesses. Together with Renishaw's offices in this region, the new RLS office will enable us to create a cohesive service network and further strengthen our presence in this region," said Andrej Metljak, director of sales and marketing.

Tonni Ottar, RLS' Sales Manager in the Nordic region has emphasised that "the main focus of the Nordic RLS office is to provide excellent support to existing RLS customers and to increase awareness of the RLS brand in the Nordic region as a manufacturer of reliable and innovative magnetic encoders."

RLS is a world leader in the development of high-performance magnetic encoder solutions and together with its associate company Renishaw offers worldwide sales and technical support.,