The new LM13 linear magnetic encoder system features a small and compact readhead which rides above a magnetised scale at a distance of up to 1.5 mm.


The non-contact magnetic sensing delivers reliability in applications too dusty, dirty, greasy or destructive for optical encoders. Installation is simplified with an integral setup LED, wide installation tolerances and an applicator tool for the scale/reference mark. The reference mark can either be ordered at a fixed position or it can be applied by the user using the provided applicator tool.


Offering great application versatility, the LM13 encoder comes in digital output variants and offers a range of customer selectable resolutions including 1 µm, 2 µm, 5 µm, 10 µm, 20 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm, 125 µm and 250 µm. The LM13 delivers high speed operation of up to 25 m/s (4 m/s at 1 µm).


Due to it's compact size and internal build, the LM13 is also suitable for partial arc applications. The self adhesive magnetic scale can be installed on surfaces with a minimum radius of 60 mm.


Engineered for extreme service, the solid-state LM13 linear encoders offer operating temperatures from -10 °C to +80 °C, water-proof sealing to IP68, and high resistance to shock, vibrations, and pressure. The non-contact, frictionless design eliminates wear while reducing hysteresis for high precision at high speeds and acceleration.


The LM13 encoders bring reliable solutions to tough, hard-working applications including woodworking, stone-cutting, sawing, metalworking, textiles, packaging, paper and converting, plastics processing, automation and assembly systems, laser/flame/water-jet cutting, electronic assembly equipment, etc.

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