Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and related measures, RLS d.o.o. has internally assessed the risks to its business and the global supply chain and can confirm that it has ensured sufficient stock / inventory of components and materials and a fully functioning supply chain, so that no interruptions in production or planned deliveries to customers are expected. 

We introduced strict measures at the workplace to reduce transmission and the risk of infection with COVID-19 in accordance with WHO and Slovenian government recommendations including working from home (if possible), ensuring sufficient social distance and reorganising personal workspaces where necessary. In addition, we provide our employees with access to appropriate personal safety and hygiene items such as surgical face masks and disinfectants. 

As this situation is constantly evolving, RLS d.o.o. will continue to closely monitor all aspects of our supply chain and take measures to mitigate risks, if necessary. We will continue to inform our customers about any further news. 

If the health and safety risks associated with COVID-19 increase, we have several additional measures in place that will help us reduce / mitigate these risks and allow us to continue with our daily operations. 

In case of additional questions, please contact us at

Komenda, 12. 11. 2020