Collaborative robots are becoming a fast growing trend in today's smart factory automation. Robots are designed to work with people to help finish scheduled tasks in production by simple and quick programming or even self-learning processes.

UR collaborative robots employ AksIM encoder

Universal Robots' (UR) collaborative robots are believed to be unique in the current market, offering excellent characteristics in simplicity, flexibility and safety. These are key in providing a healthy and safe working environment. UR multi-axis collaborative robots employ the AksIM series magnetic rotary absolute encoder which offers outstanding performance, system safety and stability.

Reliable encoder operation for years to come

The AksIM rotary absolute encoder features multiple built-in self-monitoring functions, including the on-board LED, error reporting, warnings and other status signals. It consists of a true absolute encoder readhead (no battery backup required) and a separate magnetic ring. The hollow ring allows cables to be fed through it, simplifying cable management and allowing customers to have more flexibility in system design. The compact, low-profile readhead is available either in a fully sealed IP64 housing or as a board level encoder which increases the robot joint's thickness by just 7 mm and reduces the load on the joints, resulting in robot's lower energy consumption.

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