Absolute radial magnetic rings are compatible with the Artos™ readhead and are suitable for most demanding applications. The robust design protects the magnetic ring against the ingress of liquids and high temperatures, so that it remains undamaged even in extremely contaminated and hot environments.


  • Compatible with Artos™ readhead
  • Excellent resistance to common machine tool contaminants
  • Various sizes of diameters available
  • Easy mounting
  • High operating speed
  • Operation at high temperatures
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Max. rotational speed
up to 30,000 RPM


Erhältliche Ringgrößen (Außendurchmesser)
57 mm, 81 mm, 114.2 mm, 162 mm, 229 mm, 325 mm, 478 mm


Betriebs- und Lagertemperatur
-20 °C to +85 °C
Exposed, With a cover foil, Welded (IP67)
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Speed calculator

Calculate maximum speed and determine product parameters based on your application.


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