Solar energy

Regardless of whether for the elevation and azimuth control of heliostats and dish-Stirling systems, controlling the angular position of parabolic groove systems or for tracking photovoltaics systems – Magnetic Encoders offers the right solution.

We gladly also face individual challenges and implement modifications and special solutions.

Challenges of AGVs


In order to have the AGV to be able to determine the exact position when loading/unloading/stacking the material, an encoder has to give accurate position. Once the AGV needs to be adjusted by the operator, it will waste time, resulting in low efficiency and even affecting the entire manufacturing process. RLS magnetic encoders can achieve an accuracy of 0.5°.

Compact design and easy installation

The encoders need to be compact. For example, many forklifts are designed to be very compact to meet the requirements of modern logistics facilities; many embedded AGVs are low and compactly designed to meet the requirements of smart warehousing. Easy installation in the drive system is also an advantage.

Shock and vibration resistance

When AGVs operate in the plant or warehouse, they inevitably cause certain shocks and impacts due to uneven floors and messy objects. Therefore, the selected encoder must be highly resistant to shock and vibration to maintain its accuracy in the complicated environment.

The beauty of vision technology with the accuracy and repeatability of RLS encoders

Power Plus is a subsidiary of Digital Precision Systems Ltd. (DPS), which in China is the sole authorised dealer and service partner of Vinten, a global leader in broadcast camera support equipment, and a key supplier to well known TV broadcasting organisations including CCTV and SONY.

On 16 June 2012, DPS opened a new chapter in its history and collaborated with leading virtual graphic system providers VIZRT and ORAD for a CCTV full virtual live broadcast of the ‘Shenzhou-9’ spacecraft launch at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre, in China, supplying Power Plus’ own virtual jib systems and supports.

Why RLS magnetic encoders?


  • Best-in-class quality and reliability achieved through superior design and manufacturing processes.
  • Sine/cosine feedback is available as a standard type of motor position feedback.
  • Robust design, suitable for demanding AGV environments.
  • Encoder protected to IP68, against possible ingress of dust and water.
  • Compact size and high performance make RLS encoders easy to install even in confined spaces.


  • Collision avoidance
  • Speed and direction control
  • Mast height and fork positioningt