Artos is a versatile and reliable encoder system that provides precise position and speed control in a wide range of motion control applications. Its advanced magnetic technology ensures accurate and consistent measurement, while its robust design makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.


RLS is proud to announce its participation in the 2nd Slovenian Conference on Chips and Semiconductors, SLO-Chip 2024. The event, took place on January 24th at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering, serves as a melting pot for industry experts and innovators in semiconductor technology.


Hrušica HillClimb 2023: Victory with RLS Encoders

2023年10月16日 CEST下午4時10分24秒

The Hrušica HillClimb is an annual motorsport event that attracts racers and racing enthusiasts to the picturesque hills of Hrušica, Slovenia. 


ASICs are fundamental to digitalization and the green transition

2023年1月26日 CET上午8時34分09秒

The first Slovenian Conference on ASICs and Semiconductors (SLO-chip 2023) was held on January 24, 2023 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. RLS was the golden sponsor of the event and Blaž Šmid, Director of Research and Development at RLS, was one of the keynote speakers.


RLS Launches New Product Videos on YouTube

2023年1月20日 CET上午11時02分13秒

RLS, a leading provider of magnetic sensors for a wide range of applications, is proud to announce the release of a new series of product videos on their YouTube channel.


Inspiring young people to pursue careers in engineering

2022年5月6日 CEST上午8時36分31秒

RLS sends positive messages to schools by inviting students to attend open house events and visit our company.


Exhibition SPS/IPC/Drives 2021 : What is new from RLS

2021年11月23日 CET上午9時20分05秒

Since the exhibition SPS (Nuremberg, Germany) has been canceled, we have decided to present our new product innovations to you online - via our website.


里斯本 Mag-ID 專案聯盟合作夥伴會議

2021年11月8日 CET上午9時39分47秒

In October 2021, the RLS team of scientists, engineers and the project manager from Mag-ID participated in the consortium partners meeting hosted by Inesc in Lisbon. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the latest results of the Mag-ID project, to strengthen the cooperation between the parties and to search for new solutions in an open discussion.


The world-renowned manufacturer of magnetic encoders for motion control in robots and autonomous mobile vehicles, RLS today announced the opening of its new subsidiary - RLS Nordic - in Denmark. This expansion marks the company's focus on supporting customers in the region, which is a leader in robotics development and adoption in Europe.


RLS 新冠病毒聲明

2020年11月12日 CET下午1時04分16秒

COVID-19 疫情爆發且相關措施實施後,RLS d.o.o. 已於內部執行業務與全球供應鏈的風險評估,並確認元件與材料庫存/存貨充足且供應鏈正常運作,因此生產作業或已排定的交貨時程可望不會受到干擾。


全新 RLS 網站

2020年9月21日 CEST下午12時46分00秒

RLS 徹底重塑其線上佈局。全新網站以訪客為中心,透過簡單好用、結構清楚的新穎首頁來迎接所有訪客。


RLS 在 COVID-19 疫情期間持續支援客戶

2020年3月24日 CET上午11時53分00秒

近期 COVID-19 疫情爆發且相關措施實施後,RLS d.o.o. 已於內部執行業務與全球供應鏈的風險評估,並確認元件與材料庫存/存貨充足且供應鏈正常運作,因此生產作業或已排定的交貨時程可望不會受到干擾。


Dora Domajnko 在盧布亞納坎卡中心的典禮上獲選為斯洛維尼亞首位年度女工程師。這名任職於 Renishaw 關聯公司 RLS 的開發工程師是年輕人的出色典範,因此獲得這項殊榮。頒發此獎項的單位是 Let’s Be Engineers!,此單位倡議並鼓勵更多年輕人考慮選擇工程設計做為其職業生涯。