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AM4096Q - 12 bit Rotary Magnetic Sensor IC

AM4096Q - 12 bit Rotary Magnetic Sensor IC

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The AM4096Q is a rotary magnetic encoder IC which uses Hall sensor technology for sensing the magnetic field. It offers the same functionality as the AM4096 but comes in a small and compact QFN32 package (6 × 6 mm).


A circular array of sensors detects the perpendicular component of the magnetic field. The signals are summed then amplified. Sine and cosine signals are generated when the magnet rotates. The sine and cosine signals are factory calibrated for optimum performance.


From the sine and cosine values the angular position is calculated with a fast 12 bit interpolator. The calculated position is then output in various digital and analogue formats.


An inbuilt voltage regulator ensures stable conditions for the core of the chip and a more flexible power supply voltage. All inputs and outputs are related to the external supply voltage.

The AM4096Q has many different setting options which are defined by the contents of internal registers. The zero position can be also set with an external pin. The settings of the chip are stored in an integrated EEPROM.


The registers and the EEPROM can be accessed through a serial two wire interface TWI.

With its compact size the AM4096Q is especially suitable for non-contact position or velocity measurements in motor motion control and commutation, robotics, camera positioning, various encoder applications, battery powered devices and other demanding high resolution applications.


  • Compact size: 6 × 6 mm
  • Contactless angular position encoding over 360°
  • 12 bit absolute encoder
  • Presetable zero position
  • High speed operation to 60,000 rpm
  • Output options:
    • Incremental
    • Serial SSI
    • UVW
    • TWI
    • Linear voltage
    • Programmable: buffered sine/cosine, tacho
  • Power save mode for low current consumption
  • 5 V or 3 V power supply
  • Integrated EEPROM
  • SMD package QFN32
  • Moisture sensitivity level 3
  • RoHS compliant (lead free)

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