MTTF calculator

The Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) for RM/RE encoders can be calculated using the formula:

M = p× t / n


  • M is the Mean Time To Failure value.
  • t is average length of service.
  • n is the total relevant failures.
  • p is the installed population of readheads.

To provide a hands-on example, consider a scenario where an encoder readhead has a Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) of 500 years, which suggests non-stop usage. If there is a customer who owns 30 machines, and each machine is fitted with 4 encoders, then the aggregate number of installed readheads (p) comes to 120. To determine the average duration (t) between any single readhead breakdown (i.e., n = 1), the MTTF formula can be restructured as:

t = M × n / p = 500 years× 1/120 = roughly 4,17 years

So, with an overall count of 120 readheads operating all day, every day, the customer can anticipate a single readhead malfunction around every 4.17 years.

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